Hi, I'm Kevin Corcoran. 

I am an experienced  E-Learning Developer, and Instructional Designer.  The goal is to make learning motivating, memorable, meaningful, and measurable for all learners.

Gamified Quiz

This Storyline 360 contains a Gamified Quiz using a number of variables for all those who love to bet on themselves.

Guardians of the Galaxy Quiz 


This Storyline 360 contains xAPI, an array of branching scenarios, variable loops, and a four-digit timer to provide an engaging Star Wars trivia game and quiz.

Onboard: The Secrets  Of  The New Jedi 

Microlearning: Data Security Breach

This microlearning example was created using isEazy software.  It is a brief overview of the CIA Triad for data security and includes a short quiz.

Data Security Breaches 

Augmented Reality 3D Robot

Augmented reality is changing how people interact. This 3D robot was developed using ZapWorks. Download the Zappar app to view it.  Augmented Reality

Interactive Interview

This Storyline 360 is an interactive drag-and-drop with video.  This drag and drop uses an array of advanced variables to engage the viewer using the S.T.A.R interview method in a whole new way! 

Kevin's "Never On A Resume Job Challenges".


This Storyline 360  uses a soundboard to allow the user to listen to the music and learn the chords to play a guitar song.

Easy Guitar Songs