Event Horizon

This PowerPoint uses Slide Masters, Animation, Motion Paths, Morphing, Cropping, Artistic Effects, and Transparency, along with a Gif to provide an engaging presentation.    FYI Event Horizon is a fictitious event.

smart sheet event horizon.pptx

Video and Gif

This PowerPoint uses Slide Transactions, Animation, Motion Paths, Morphing, Background Removal, Cropping, Artistic Effects, and Transparency, as well as, Audacity for sound to create an mp4 video and Gif to provide an engaging presentation.  

firefighting drones .pptx
firefighting drones 30sec.mp4

30 sec mp4

firefighting drones 53sec..mp4

53 sec mp4

Editing, Formatting, Language Translation 

These magazine covers were created using only PowerPoint editing tools such as cropping, background removal, artistic effects, and transparency.  Formatting allowed for the different background effects and review translation easily provides a quick language translation.

Evolve Cover Magazine.pdf

Journey Map 

 This journey map uses a Matrix Theme to summarize the best practices of learning and performance with some humor.  This was created only using PowerPoint.