Interactive Videos

The below Storyline examples are built using Articulate 360, to create engaging and challenging interactions.

Interactive Interview

This Articulate 360 includes a video, edited using Camtasia, to create an engaging interview about my interests.


Interactive Videos

This Storyline 360 uses a video true/false quiz for e-learning. The topic is the critically endangered Black Spider Monkey.

Black Spider Monkey

This Storyline 360 uses a fun video true/ false quiz for e-learning. The topic is Stingrays.


Drag and Drop Interview

This Storyline 360 is an interactive drag-and-drop with video. This drag and drop uses an array of advanced variables to engage the viewer using the S.T.A.R interview method in a whole new way!

Kevin's "Never On A Resume Job Challenges".

Goal: Create an engaging interactive Storyline presentation to highlight competencies for :

  • Leadership

  • Problem Solving

  • Flexibility

  • Adaptablity

  • Initiative


  • Camtasia video creation embedded into Storyline.

  • Powtoon introduction

  • Variables and triggers

  • Audacity Audio


  • UX on mobile and iPad

  • Display settings for audio, video, and animation.