The below Storyline examples are built using Articulate 360, to create engaging and challenging interactions.


This Storyline 360 contains xAPI, an array of branching scenarios, variable loops, and a four-digit timer to provide an engaging Star Wars trivia game and quiz.

Onboard: The Secrets Of The New Jedi

Tools: PowerPoint, Audacity, xAPI, JavaScript, OpenGame Art, AWS S3

Update 1,2,3,4,5…The Making of Onboard: The Secrets of New Jedi

This is a short description of the design process and some of the obstacles and challenges in creating the Onboard: The Secrets of the New Jedi.

Update 1,2,3,4.5....The Making of Onboard: The Secrets of New Jedi

Gamified Quiz

This Storyline 360 contains a Gamified Quiz using a number of variables for all those who love to bet on themselves.

Guardians of the Galaxy Quiz

Holiday Fun Game

Multiplication Game - Using random variables to calculate game actions and multiplication problems.