Gamification and xAPI

The below Storyline examples are built using Articulate 360, to create engaging and challenging interactions.  


This Storyline 360 contains xAPI, an array of branching scenarios, variable loops, and a four-digit timer to provide an engaging Star Wars trivia game and quiz.

Onboard: The Secrets  Of  The New Jedi 

Tools: PowerPoint, Audacity, xAPI, JavaScript, OpenGame Art, AWS S3

Update 1,2,3,4,5…The Making of Onboard: The Secrets of New Jedi

This is a short description of the design process and some of the obstacles and challenges in creating the  Onboard: The Secrets of the New Jedi.

Update 1,2,3,4.5....The Making of Onboard: The Secrets of New Jedi 

Gamified Quiz

This Storyline 360 contains a Gamified Quiz using a number of variables for all those who love to bet on themselves.

Guardians of the Galaxy Quiz 

Holiday Fun Game

 Multiplication Game - Using random variables to calculate game actions and multiplication problems.

Game Show Quiz

This Storyline 360 goal was to create a Multiple Choice Quiz (Heart Disease in Women) using a Game Show Simulation format with a computer opponent using random variables and constructed with NO CODE.  Why? The advantage of not using JavaScript for random variables allows for testing in preview mode and easier modification. How was this created? By using motion paths, variables, states, and the new jump-to-time trigger. 

Game Show Quiz