The below examples are built with an assortment of variables to create engaging and challenging interactions.


This Storyline 360 contains xAPI, an array of branching scenarios, variable loops, and a four-digit timer to provide an engaging Star Wars trivia game and quiz.

Onboard: The Secrets Of The New Jedi

Update 1,2,3,4,5…The Making of Onboard: The Secrets of New Jedi

This is a short description of the design process and some of the obstacles and challenges in creating the Onboard: The Secrets of the New Jedi.

Update 1,2,3,4.5....The Making of Onboard: The Secrets of New Jedi

JavaScript For Random Variables

This Storyline 360 is built with custom JavaScript for random variables to produce a quiz timer. The subject is Family Guy trivia.

Save Brian!

Variables for Engagment

This Storyline 360 uses variables to create a fun roll-the-dice interaction to engage the viewer. The theme is World No Tobacco Day May 31st.

World No Tobacco Day May 31st

Holiday Fun Game

Multiplication Game - Using random variables to calculate game actions and multiplication problems.

State Change Animation

This Storyline 360 uses state changes and variables to create an animation for a fun short interactive quiz.

Go Cat Go!

Interactive Video

Interactive Interview

This Articulate 360 includes a video, edited using Camtasia, to create an engaging interview about my interests.


Interactive Videos

This Storyline 360 uses a video true/false quiz for e-learning. The topic is the critically endangered Black Spider Monkey.

Black Spider Monkey

This Storyline 360 uses a fun video true/ false quiz for e-learning. The topic is Stingrays.



Customize Sliders

This Storyline 360 uses the parallax scrolling motion effect where background images move more slowly than foreground images. You use this effect to simulate depth. The effect is used for introducing a medical staff.

Available on Desktop and Android

Mercy Medical Staff

Drag and Drop Interview

This Storyline 360 is an interactive drag-and-drop with video. This drag and drop uses an array of advanced variables to engage the viewer using the S.T.A.R interview method in a whole new way!

Kevin's "Never On A Resume Job Challenges".

Toggle Buttons

This Storyline 360 is an exercise in creating smooth button transitions. To engage viewership regarding National Sunglasses Day, the theme "Most Iconic Celebrity Sunglasses" was included.

National Sunglasses Day "Most Iconic Celebrity Sunglasses"


This Storyline 360 uses a soundboard to allow the user to listen to the music and learn the chords to play a guitar song.

Easy Guitar Songs

Tab Interactions

This Storyline 360 uses tab interactions explaining the benefits of exercise for seniors.

7 Best Exercises For Seniors

This Storyline 360 uses tab interactions to keep the learner engaged on the subject of spider silk.

Can Spiders Make Silk?


Knowledge Test

A short drag and drop quiz to test your knowledge of ADDIE.

The ADDIE Model

Trivia Game

Short quiz game to test your knowledge of popular musical artists.

Music Legends

Storyline Rise


Participated in an 8 week Enterprise ID learning cohort where you developed the skills of an Instructional Systems Developer and applied those skills by working in a team to develop a product from needs analysis, storyboarding, elearning product.

Storyline Shorts

Storyline Demo

Basic Course Outline that includes sliders, dials, and quiz examples.

Entrance Animation

This Storyline 360 uses only an entrance loop for a quick tab game.

Catch Doozy

Magic Number 9

The Storyline 360 is for elementary children should you have any and want to show them a fun math trick by the Fairly Odd Parents Timmy and Poof.

Magic 9 Trick